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More on our SL28.6

Chris King

At 60mm profile depth, the SL28.6 carbon clincher wheel is similar to the Zipp 404s. The SL28.6 has a very wide internal width of 17.5mm that will enable more tyre air volume for better ride quality and a max width of 28mm at the external. The bigger difference lies in the SL28s ability to withstand higher spoke tension (130kgf at drive side) as compare to the Zipps where they are limited to 100kgf. In short, when we built our wheels, we do not have the need to use strong bonding glue to secured the spokes and nipples as the high spoke tensions will enable the wheels to stay true. 

Build with the all time reliable Sapim CX Rays and US made hubs, the SL28.6 starts at $2000.00. All wheels built by us are lifetime guaranteed to the original buyer for trueness. 

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