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Why Venn 507?

Venn 507 Rev
Some of you may have noticed that the Venn 507 (50.7mm depth) aren't designed like the other popular "U-shaped" rims. The curvy "V-shape" of the 507 is a result of extensive CFD work (Computational Fluid Dynamics) by Velocite. 

The 507 is designed to work especially well with 25mm tyres (25mm is measured at inflation; we will come to that later) in terms of aerodynamics performance. As Victor Major, CEO for Velocite mentioned, most of the current rims in the market are good in aerodynamics for tyres up to max 24mm width. 
Combining the aerodynamics with Venn's revolutionary methods of carbon rim construction,  these rims are also tubeless ready.
At this price point, it is quite likely that the Venn rims are unbeatable.
*The wider internal widths of the 507 clincher allows more air volume and cause most tyres to be inflated to a larger size than the stated size on the tyre. For most tyre brands we would advise our riders to installed with a 23c to achieve a 25mm width tyre after inflation. *

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