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ENVE - Industry Nine Torch Classic Road

Industry Nine Classic Road Hubs Specifications

If you are looking for aggressive, loud and smooth rolling hubs, the Industry Nine Torch Classic Road Hubs will be your favourite morning cup of coffee. 

It uses the same driver and pawls as their mountain hubs which they are famous for. With a 60 teeth engagement ratchet ring, it is one of the highest count for any road hubs. However unlike many high engagement road hubs which are draggy, these Industry Nine hubs maintains its smoothness and produces very little drag from the first moments you try on them. 

  • Front Weight: ~98g
  • Rear Weight: ~ 240g
  • Front: 2 bearings with oversized axle and external seals.
  • Rear: 4 bearings with oversized, butted 20mm / 17mm axle and external seals.
  • 3 Pawls with 60 Points Engagement System
  • Finish: Black, Silver, Red, Blue, Gold, Orange, Pink, Purple, Green, Lime & Turquoise

Made in Asheville NC., U.S.A.