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SL28 Carbon Rims

The SL28 carbon rims were first offered as an alternative to the other more pricey rims. Since its introduction, they have received numerous positive feedback from all riders and the popularity begins to grow. The SL28 offers a diverse choice of different rim profiles for climbers to wind cheaters. 
Contrary to the perception that these less expensive rims bring compromise to it's quality,  the precision and workmanship of the SL28 consistently achieve below 0.06mm (60 microns) in lateral trueness under high spoke tension of 130kgf on the drive side.
Working with our manufacturer through a series of thorough tests and experiments, these rims had instilled so much confidence that they were even used in Elite categories for overseas Ironmans & Triathlons.
In 2016 we took a leap by applying for UCI Approval for some of our models and we are very proud to be certified. This achievement has became a significant milestone for us. Riders will now be able to ride these wheels and participate in UCI governed events around the world. 


  • 23.2C - Carbon Clincher 23mm wide & 24mm deep
  • SL28.4C - Carbon Clincher 25mm wide & 38mm deep
  • SL28.5C - Carbon Clincher 25mm wide & 50mm deep
  • SL28.6C - Carbon Clincher 25mm wide & 60mm deep
  • SL28.68C - Carbon Clincher 25mm wide & Front 60mm / Rear 88mm deep

Our Partner Hubs with SL28 Rims:

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