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Venn Carbon Rims

Venn Filament Wound Carbon Rims

Venn 507 Rev
Filament Winding Technology (FWT) is an automated process that involves winding filaments under constant tension over a rotating mandrel, laying down fibres in a desired pattern or angle depending on the product application. The entire process is highly accurate with almost zero rejects. In comparison to traditional layup methods using hands, FWT is especially favourable to produce a carbon fibre rim as it doesn’t has adverse angles in the carbon strands that will result in weak spots due to fibre breakages.
The Venn Filament Wound Carbon Rim is also the recipient of multiple prestigious awards from Taipei Cycle d&i awards 2015, Golden Pin Design Award, Eurobike award winner 2015.
Taipei Cycle d&i Award 2015Golden Pin Design Award    Eurobike Award Winner 2015
Rarely has we seen a carbon rim that has won multiple awards in a single year since it's launch. Venn Rims are the first and one of a small handful of manufacturers in the world that offers filament wound rims. Besides the performance and cost benefits that the technology offers, you also get a product that is unique from other ordinary carbon fibre rims in the market.

Venn Continuous Tangent Layup Process

Venn Continuous Tangent Layup Carbon Rims
The conventional manufacturing process of a standard carbon rim is usually composed of up to six segments of carbon fibre. In contrast, the Continuous Tangent Layup (CTL) process patented by Venn consists of single unbroken lengths of UD Carbon fibre for an entire rim circumference. Without individual segments, the CTL process will not result in any gaps and breakages. This process has no need for carbon fibre cutting and overlapping as well. As the name implies, the CTL process ensures that the fibres are always aligned correctly besides the rim.
As a result, the Venn CTL is aesthetically different from many conventional rims without the appearance of joints and segments. So flawless that it is often mistaken that the rims were painted over. Well….


  • Venn 35mm Filament Winding Technology - Tubeless Ready
  • Venn 44mm Continuous Tangent Layup - Tubeless Ready
  • Venn 507 Rev (50.7mm) Filament Winding Technology - Tubeless Ready
  • Venn 507 (50.7mm) Continuous Tangent Layup - Tubeless Ready

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