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SL28 - White Industries

White Industries T11 Specifications

Founded in 1978, White Industries understand the needs to make good hubs. Rather than diving into the realm of super light weight components, White Industries bring its attention and focus on quality and design for better components.

White Industries T11 Front

While T11 front hub may look like a typical and simple hub, it has some brilliant engineering thoughts behind it. The bearings used in this front hub are even larger than some other rear hubs we have seen. This provides extra stiffness, stability as well the lifespan of the bearings. The 12mm alloy axle locks with a collar end that is encased into the hub shell. It ensures that the loads are distributed evenly and entirely around the bearings and the hub.

This concept is in contrast to a common front hub design where the loads are resting only on two tiny end caps, screwed onto both ends of the axle. 

  • Front T11 Weight: ~92g
  • Front Axle: 12mm Alu
  • Bearings: 6901 r-s x 2
  • Finish: Black, Silver, Red, Blue, Gold, Purple, Pink

White Industries T11 Rear

In a rear hub, the weakest link is between the hub shell and the free hub body. At this point, the rear hub tends to "bend" under load, affecting the bearings. The T11 rear hub minimise this problem and it achieve one of the highest load capacity with adequate bearing sizes and a steel axle. It is one of the strongest competitor for the best rolling hub. Lastly, the T11 rear is designed with a titanium free hub body and still remains as one of the most affordable U.S made hubs.

  • Rear T11 Weight: ~ 252g
  • Rear Axle 15mm Cro-mo
  • Freehub body 6al4v titanium

  • Shimano: 3 x 6902-2rs, 1 x 3802W
  • Campagnolo:  2 x 6902-2rs, 2 x 3802W 
  • 3 Pawls with upgraded 48 Points Engagement System
  • Finish: Black, Silver, Red, Blue, Gold, Purple, Pink

Made in Petaluma, CA, U.S.A.