TBSG + Wheel Angel Group Buy 2022 FAQs
Wheel Building Course Level 1 Open for Enrolment
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We compile a list of commonly asked questions with regards to the group buy and our wheels. We will also add in new questions & answers over time. If you do not find the questions or answers you seek, please feel free to contact us directly.
  1. What is the normal price of your wheels without this promotion? 
    You may refer to this page for the usual price. You are looking at savings of more than $300.00.

  2. What is the weight savings of the upgrade wheelset? 
    Estimated weight saving is about ~200g for a pair.

  3. What is the benefit of changing to Wheel Angel wheels? 
    Carbon rims are stiffer and stronger than alloy rims, so there will be the benefit of lesser power loss which means more speed! 
    Also, we build our wheels with merticulous attention to detail. You will experience ride quality such as better responsiveness every moment when you put your power to the pedals. 
    Read the next question to find out more about the benefits of our warranty program.

  4. What kind of warranty do you provide for your wheels? 
    For manufacturing defects such as the carbon rim and the front hub we offered (not inclusive of wear and tear), the warranty is 2 years.
    For issues pertaining to workmanship such as trueness & tension of the wheelset, the original owner is covered for life! That means even 5 years later should you require us to check, trued or make adjustments to the spokes, you are still covered. 
    As of January 2021, w
    e now offer lifetime warranty spoke replacement in the event of spoke breakage as a result of material fatigue under normal usage. All replacement spokes are replaced free-of-charge and there is no labour charge. Warranty

  5. What is the ordering and payment process? 
    Once the group buy is opened and annouced in TBSG Facebook Group , interested members may complete the Google order form. The group buy will proceed with minimum 35 orders and limited to 50 orders. 

    We will contact every single member who placed an order with us and email an invoice to you. We will appreciate your prompt payment to us via our Paynow UEN. Once we received all the payments, we will proceed to placed the orders with our supplying factories. 
    As all these steps required time and manpower, please be patient with us should we take a little longer to contact you. 

    Important: Please proceed to order only if you confirm. Do not place an order to back out when payment is requested from you because you will be deriving others a chance who wants the group buy. 

  6. What is the lead time after placing my order and making payment? 
    For Phil Wood front hubs - As Phil Wood USA do not have any extra front Brompton hubs in stock, it will take them 2 to 2.5 months for the hubs to be manufactured and shipped to us. Afterwhich we will then begin to contact the members who placed the order first to begin work. 

    The Phil Wood Front Hub option will take a much longer lead time.

    For Mini Sealed Bearing front hubs - We will begin to contact the members who choose this option within 2 weeks after all payment are made to begin working on your bike. 

    For Trispoke Front Wheel - Lead time for manufacturer to produce and ship to us is about 1.5 to 2 months. Afterwhich we will then begin to contact the members who placed the order first to begin work. 

    As much as we try to prioritise your queue on a first pay first come basis, your queue may not be in accordance to the sequence if the parts such as the front hub hasn't arrive.

  7. When do I bring in my Brompton to you to begin work? 
    Once your turn reaches, we will contact you to bring in your Brompton to begin work, preferably on a Monday or Tuesday of the week, which we will try our best to finish them within 5 to 7 working days. 

  8. Can I seek your help to remove my mudguard and install my light brackets amongst other services when I bring my Brompton to you? 
    Due to time & manpower constraints we will not be able to fulfil any installation / removal requests. 

  9. What if you encounter a complicaton when you are installing my newly upgraded wheels? 
    Installation of your wheelset to your bike is a complimentary service from us. While we always strive our best to provide this service such as aligning your brakes, tuning your derailleur, however in certain circumstances where we are unable to successfully do it you may have to refer to your own local bike shop.

  10. Can I purchase extra brake pads or inner tubes from you?
    You are welcome to buy from us. 

  11. What is the recommended tyre pressure for your Brompton carbon wheels?
    We recommend between 70 to 80 PSI for most tyres. Many members has asked me if they should do 100 PSI, we find such a high tyre pressure is unnecessary and may caused the ride to be too harsh.

  12. What is the rider's weight limit for your Brompton carbon wheels? 

  13. Why are you excluding external speed Brompton for this group buy? 
    Due to logistic and ease of managing the group buy, we have decided to keep the current group buy for IGH (Internal Gear Hub) option only. But worry not, we are hoping to introduce something new and really good for our external speed members in the near future - with a group buy of course!

  14. What do you do for the "blackening" of our rear silver hub? And does it last? 
    We use vinyl decal material from Germany and some special black paint. 
    It has proven to be very durable so far however some care will be needed so as not to scratch or damage it especially during cleaning. 

  15. I have a front Dynamo wheel and I wish to rebuild it with your carbon rims. 
    Please contact us directly.

  16. I am not sure if I am ready for this group buy, will there be another group buy later this year? 
    We are unsure too! 

  17. What is the difference between Wheel Angel wheels and your competitors? 
    - Bespoke. Customised your own wheels to match your Brompton!
    - Handbuilt. 1 at a time; Not mass produced
    - Strong warranty coverage 
    - Exceptional workmanship
    - Wheel Building is all we know; more than anything else!

  18. I need some other finish / design / configuration which I cannot find in your group buy, can you do it for me with this group buy price? 
    For a group buy, we order our parts in bulk from our factory suppliers. Therefore any other configurations may not be available in this group buy option. Nevertheless feel free to check with us.