Birdy Wheels - M60 Hubs Disc Brakes – Wheel Angel
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Birdy Wheels - M60 Hubs Disc Brakes
Birdy Wheels - M60 Hubs Disc Brakes
Birdy Wheels - M60 Hubs Disc Brakes
Birdy Wheels - M60 Hubs Disc Brakes
Birdy Wheels - M60 Hubs Disc Brakes

Birdy Wheels - M60 Hubs Disc Brakes

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Group Buy Offer for M60 Wheelsets 
2 sets - $80 off each set
3 to 5 sets - $120 off each set
6 to 8 sets - $180 off each set
Contact us if you are getting 2 or more sets! 

M60 Birdy Carbon WheelsThe lack of wheel & hub choices for Birdy bikes has led us to design & develop the M60 hub. Modeling after our successful Velotechnic hubs design, we draw the same principles of Strength, Stability, Stiffness & Smootheness into the M60 design. Now for the first time, the M60 hub body is made of lightweight 7075 aluminium alloy which are only used in other expensive hubs. This has added benefit to overall hardness, light weight, stiffness & strength. 

The M60 name is derived from our low resistance Magnetic Pawls that offer 60 Points of Engagement. It offers long sustained speed during freewheeling saving watts and energy especially during long distance rides. The clever design and use of specific bearing sizes and positions in the hub provides minimal cantilevering of the axle & freehub especially during high power applications. This is vital to the continual proper working of the bearings without overloading its static load capacity.

Wheel Angel wheels are hand built in-house which means our wheels are not mass produced in a factory where quantity is prioritise over quality. This also mean more time and effort spent on each wheel for us but the result will always be an edge over the rest. 

Lastly all buyers of our wheels are covered with lifetime warranty* for our workmanship and spoke breakages. Drop us an email or text if you wish to know more.

Rims SL Mini Carbon Rim Series - 50mm Clincher in 3k Twill Weave
(20"- 406 rim size)

M60 - Straight Pull, Black Polish
Magnetic Pawls 60 POE
Steel Bearings / Tripeak Ceramic Upgrade +$200

Front 91g / Rear 201g
Shimano 9 / 10 / 11sp HG Compatible



Pillar Wing 20 
Straight Pull BLADED Spokes, Black 
(Pillar Wing Spokes Website)

*Pillar Wing 20 Bladed Spokes are forged. They are lighter (approx -50g)  and offer better strength to weight ratio, resulting in faster acceleration with a more lively ride quality. 




Sapim Polyax Alloy - Black or Matching Spokes Colour
Other nipple colours are subjected to availability & additional costs. 

 Tyre Pressure

80psi to 100psi 


Total Weight 1144g (+/-30g)
Front 509g Rear 635g

*With Pillar Wing 20 bladed spokes


Contents include Front & Rear Wheels, Rim Tapes.
Tyres & Inner Tubes are Sold Separately.  

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Each and every one of our wheels is meticulously crafted in our own facility, ensuring they are customized to meet your specific requirements. If you don't find exactly what you're looking for among our selection, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at We would be more than happy to engage in a conversation about your next wheel preference.
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