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SL28 Carbon Rims / Egress MagRevo V6 Hubs / Sapim Spokes

$1,450.00 SGD

For the first time, a collaboration between two local brands to create a wheelset made for the cycling community. Featuring the latest ultra low resistance Egress MagRevo V6 hubs with Wheel Angel SL28 carbon TLR rims.  Choose your front + rear rim depth combi between 38mm / 45mm / 50mm / 60mm. This build combines a blend of qualities that every rider seeks from a wheelset - strength, stiffness, aesthetic, quality construction & cost effectiveness. 

 SL28 - Egress MagRevo V6 Specs

  • Rim Type: Toray 700 carbon fibre series with 3k Twill Brake Surface Coated with High Tg ResinTubeless Ready.
  • Rim Depth: Selection of 38mm / 45mm / 50mm / 60mm
  • Rim Finish: Gloss UD or Matte UD with 3k Twill Brake Track 
  • Rim Width (Internal): Front 18mm / Rear 18mm
  • Rim Width (External): Front 25mm / Rear 25mm
  • Rim Width (Max External): Front 28mm / Rear 28mm
  • Brake Type: Rim Brake
  • Hub: Egress MagRevo V6 
  • Hub Finish: Black or Red Anodise with Black End Caps
  • Spoke: Sapim CX Ray Straight Pull(Black)
  • Nipple: Sapim Polyax Alloy (Black)
  • Min / Max Tire Pressure: 90/ 120 PSI
  • Spoke Count: Front 20, Rear 24 (16:8)
  • Decal: Wheel Angel logo with custom colour

Contents include Front & Rear Wheels, Brake Pads, Non Tubeless Rim Tapes, Quick Release Skewers (Black) & Wheel Bags.

More about Egress MagRevo V6 Ultra Low Resistance Hub....


\\ Large DS flange design with cut-outs
Aesthetic appeal as well as giving additional strength and stiffness.


\\ Rear hub 16:8 spoke count
16 spokes count on the DS reduce windup resistance and increases lateral stiffness while spoke tensions on the NDS is doubled by using only halve the number of DS spokes (8 spokes).


\\ Go big or go home
Bigger bearings for longevity and increased static and dynamic load capacities


\\ Hardened 7 series alloy 

>> Freehub body to reduced cassette bites 

>> Oversize 15mm alloy shaft with superior concentricity and minimal cantilevering.

>> End caps provides maximum resistance to deformation.


    \\ 6 Series Alloy Hub shells

    >> Selected for strong resistance to corrosion. 

    >> Cold forged then CNC machined to high tolerances.

    >> High polish process before colour anodising for best aesthetic appeal.


    \\ Drive
    30 points engagement with 4 pawls for near instant engagement and patented drive mechanism technology for ultra-low resistance