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SL28.4C / 38mm Carbon Clincher / Velotechnic DS-1 / Sapim CX Ray

$1,650.00 SGD

Velotechnic Hubs
DS - 1

The DS-1 is designed to simply meet the demands of a hub set - Strength, Stiffness, Stability & Smoothness. From our gathered experience with some of the industry's leading brands, we have design and build one of the finest hubs for road bikes with our own exclusive mold & tooling

Feature points of DS-1

  • High static load bearings + 1 bushing 
    Give your everything unto these hubs without the worries of reducing its lifespan or damaging it. Heavy riders are welcome too. 
  • Oversized rear axle with enlarge diameter at hub shell drive side & inner freehub to supply with maximum strength & stiffness without freehub cantilevering against the hub body under maximum torque and side loads. 
  • Large flanges & precise geometries produce favourable spoke bracing angles that is crucial to the lateral stiffness of a whole wheel.
  • Ultra smooth drive system- 42 points of engagement with 4 magnetic pawls. Conventionally the engaging pawls are keep in the normally open position via a retainer ring or leaf springs. However DS-1 magnetic pawls attracts itself to the ratchet ring and they are not "forcibly" pushed against it with a spring. As the pawls glides through the ratchet ring during free wheel, there is room for the pawls to fall back into the "close" position. This greatly reduce friction during free wheel! 
  • Bearing Preload Adjustment at both front & rear.
  • 6061 Alloy Series hub shell - selected as an excellent choice for cold forging, corrosion resistance & anodising. 
  • Ease of Maintenance - No special tools required. Use only light viscous free hub oil . No grease required on the drive mechanism. 
    • Front hub 122g / Rear hub 250g 
    • Front hub bearings 6802 x 2 
    • Rear hub bearings 17286 x 2, 18307 x 1, 1 x 20mm bushing

    Front hub Centre to Flange: 36.45mm / Flange Diameter: 39.00mm

    Rear hub Centre to Left Flange: 36.65mm / Centre to Right Flange: 18.45mm
    Left Flange Diameter: 40.80mm / Right Flange Diameter: 56.80mm

    Flanges distances are measured from the centre of the flange thickness (3.5mm)
    *Only in Shimano freehub

    Wheels Specifications

    Specially made with High Strength and High Modulus T800 carbon fibre by Toray Industries. .

    • Rim Type: Carbon Clincher (Tubeless) with UD Finish
    • Rim Depth: 38mm 
    • Rim Width (Internal & External): 18mm - 27mm (Widest)
    • Hub: Velotechnic DS-1 (Black)
    • Spoke: Sapim CX Ray (Black)
    • Nipple: Sapim Polyax Alloy Nipple (Black) - Contact us for other options
    • Spoke Count: F20/R24 (Rim
    • Min / Max Tire Pressure: 90/ 125 PSI

    Contents include Front & Rear Wheels, Brake Pads (rim brakes), Rim Tapes, Quick Release Skewers (rim Brakes) & Wheel Bags. 

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