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Venn REV 507 Filament Winding Technology /Onyx Racing Hubs / Sapim CX Ray

$2,350.00 SGD

Venn 507 Specifications:

  • Rim Type: Filament Winding Technology / Carbon Clincher (Tubeless)
  • Rim Depth: 50.7mm 
  • Rim Width (Internal & External): 21mm - 28mm (Brake Track)
  • Hub: Onyx Road - DS (Rim Brake), 
             Onyx CX - CL (Center Lock Disc), 
             Onyx CX - ISO (6 Bolts Disc) 

  • Drive Type: Dual Sprag Clutch
  • Spoke: Sapim CX Ray (Black)
  • Nipple: Sapim Internal Brass Nipples
  • Spoke Count: F20/R24 (Rim) / F24/R24 (Disc)
  • Min / Max Tire Pressure: 90 / 125 PSI
  • Rim Weight: ~ 505g (Rim) 
                          ~ 485g (Disc), +/-15g

  • Hub Weight: ~ 436g (Rim Brake) 
                          ~ 598g (Center Lock) 
                          ~ 646g (ISO 6 Bolts) 

Contents include Front & Rear Wheels, Brake Pads (rim brakes), Rim Tapes, Quick Release Skewers (rim Brakes) & Wheel Bags. 

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Computer Fluid Dynamics Simulation:

The Venn 507 rims were made to perform especially well in aerodynamics with 25mm wide tyres, yet without the need to have a deeper profile.

507 txc cross section grande

As a result of extensive CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) work, you will notice that the Venn 507 were not designed with the currently popular “U” shape. The current popular “U” shape rims are not very favourable in aerodynamics performance with tyres that inflate beyond 24mm.

With the 25mm wide tyres being the preference for most riders now, a “U” shape profile rims has to be deeper than 50mm to remain competitive in aerodynamics performance. Thus with such an increase in depth and width, the rim weight will go up significantly.


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