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Brompton Wheels

Benefits of Our Brompton Wheels

  • Made to last, just like your Brompton bikes :)
  • Meticulously prepped and built to perfection for the rider
  • Life-time warranty for spokes & nipples (Full warranty terms & conditions)
  • Fully customized & tailored to your needs (carbon rims, hubs, spokes, nipples, decals, colors) 
  • Workshop dedicated solely to wheel building and after-sale service for our wheels
Brompton Carbonr Wheels - Flame Lacquer
Brompton Carbon Wheels - Flame Lacquer
Brompton Carbon Wheels - Team GB Edition
Brompton Carbon Wheels - Team GB Edition 

brompton carbon wheels
Every part of the wheelset is meticulously prepped and then built to perfection for the rider

Brompton Wheels

Customisable components and color combination
Brompton Bikes

 Custom Brompton wheels for our happy customers! See more Brompton bikes here


Brompton Wheels - Packages

Package Price (SGD) Rear Hub Front Hub Wheelset weight (38mm) Wheelset weight (30mm)
$1,195 Your Existing Brompton Hub Mini Sealed Bearing Hub
~1,690g ~1,664g
2 $1,295 Your Existing Brompton Hub Trispoke (Curved or Straight Design) ~1677g ~1651g
$1,395 Your Existing Brompton Hub Phil Wood Hub
~1,794g ~1,768g
4 $1,480 Ridea HF4-R 28H External speed
(Gold, Red, Black, Silver)
Ridea HF4-F 28H
(Gold, Red, Black, Silver)
~980g ~954g
5 $1,295 Mini Sealed Bearing Hub External speed 21H

Mini Sealed Bearing Hub 14H

~870g ~844g
6 $1,980 Onyx BMX Pro HG, External Speed
(Colour Options Avail) 
Phil Wood Hub
~1216g ~1190g

Add-on Price Item
1 +$80 Gold Spokes (single color)
2 +$80 Oil Slick Spokes (single color)
3 +$80 Metallic Red Spokes (single color)
4 +$80 Metallic Blue Spokes (single color)
+$40 Black & Gold Spokes (dual color)
+$40 Black & Oil Slick Spokes (dual color)
Black & Metallic Red Spokes (dual color)
+$40 Black & Metallic Blue Spokes (dual color)
9 Free Decals/finish of your choice

(Standard colors: Gold, Silver, Copper, Red, Light Yellow, Ice Blue, Orange, Blue, Soft Pink, Green, Mint, White, Black)
Decals/finish of your choice (Special colors)

  • Check with us for lead times
  • If you have selected package using Your Existing Brompton Hub, we will dismantle your wheel for you at no additional costs.
  • All weights for the wheelsets are estimated.
  • Please note that all our Brompton wheels have a rider weight limit of 110kg unless otherwise stated. The wheels are intended for use on normal, hard-surface ground e.g. road and pavement. Avoid off-road, steps or kerbs (jumps/drops).
  • Message us on Facebook Wheel Angel if you have any other questions/requests.

Last updated on 17th Nov 22

If you are troubled by wheelset problems such as loose/broken spokes, rim brake surface wearing out quickly, long wait for bike shops to troubleshoot or fix your wheels, and losing confidence in your wheels, it is time to consider our Brompton Wheels and get back the fun of riding! 

All our Brompton carbon wheels are hand built locally with high performance and quality components, to make sure each part of them are perfectly assembled so as to offer you the reliability and ride quality that's a cut above the boutique or factory-produced wheels. 

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