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Terms & Conditions

Wheel Angel provides limited warranty on our products against manufacturer defects and local workmanship.

All warranty claims will be based on our own assessment and our decision is final.

For international orders (outside of Singapore) you may need to take pictures / videos of the defective component and email us. If the problem can be solved within your own capacity, we encourage you to do so in order for you to save on freight expenses and risk.

Manufacturer defects

All our parts are warrantied against manufacturer defects from the date of shipping for the period of:

  1. Rims: 24 months
  2. Hub: According to the manufacturer from the date of purchase
  3. Hub Bearings: 6 months
  4. Spokes & Nipples: Lifetime 
  5. Quick Release Skewers: None
  6. Rim Tape: None
  7. Wheel Bag: None

For small wheels (20" & below) with rim brakes

Do not use the wheels for long periods of time going downhill as heat generated in the rims due to dragging the brakes may result in rim warps or cracks. The wheels are built for city riding. No warranty/crash replacement policies cover this. It is also recommended to use the carbon brake pads we supply. If you have to use other brake pads, please ensure that they are meant for carbon rims. Failure to do so voids your wheels’ warranty and may cause unsafe braking performance.

Rider weight limit for small wheels (20" & below) 

All our small wheels have a rider weight limit of 110kg unless otherwise stated. The wheels are intended for use on normal, hard-surface ground e.g. road and pavement. Avoid off-road, steps or kerbs (jumps/drops).

Colored spokes

Whilst we strive to provide high quality colored spokes, the warranty does not cover ordinary wear and tear (cracking, chipping, or peeling) or discoloring, or any condition caused by abnormal use or improper maintenance.


If the product / part / component is found indeed to be defective after our assessment, we will try our best to replace it with the same part(s), subject to stock availability. Otherwise we will replace the affected parts with an item that is equivalent in value to the defective item. Wheel Angel Singapore Pte Ltd will not provide any monetary refunds.


For local orders in Singapore, we provide free spoke trueing and minor services like adjustment and tightening of hub preloads, for as long as we are in business. 

Update: 10th January 2021
We now offer lifetime warranty spoke replacement in the event of spoke breakage as a result of material fatigue under normal usage. All replacement spokes are replaced free-of-charge and there is no labour charge.This applies to all past and existing customers who are original owners of our wheels.

For international orders outside of Singapore, we are able to provide service for workmanship if we have our partners in your country. Check with us for more detail. 

That being said, we true our wheels to tolerances of +/- 0.2mm laterally and +/- 0.4mm radially (often much less than that) with spoke tensions of more than 95% consistency. The spokes are then pre-stressed thrice to be bedded in properly into the rims and hub flanges, followed by re-tensioning and trueing again to the tolerances mentioned above. This tedious but necessary process will ensure a high standard of workmanship and build quality. 

Warranty is Non-transferrable

Warranty is only intended to the first & original purchaser of the product and it is not transferable. 

Shipping charges for warranty claims (For International Orders)

For warranty claims against manufacturer defects, the purchaser will pay for all cost of shipping for return of parts to us. If the products are indeed found to be defective after our assessment, the subsequent cost of shipping any replacement product back to the purchaser will be borne by us. This amount will be limited to the original shipping cost at the time of initial purchase.

If the product is not found to be defective, the purchaser will bear all shipping costs including the shipping cost to return the product to the purchaser. This amount will also be limited to the original shipping cost at the time of initial purchase. We will only start sending the product after we have received the payment for the cost of shipping.

Should there be any dissatisfaction after receiving our product, we strongly encourage you to contact us immediately for resolution. In the event of warranty claims, we hold no responsibility for items lost or damaged in the process of shipping whether to or from us.


Customers are to pay their own national taxes and duty fees for any imported goods purchase from us. We are not responsible and liable to pay for any national taxes or duty fees from your country imposed on the imports and products you purchase from us.

Crash replacement

Should your components suffer any damage due to unfortunate incidents such as crashes, you may purchase the affected parts at a discounted price from us. The crash replacement price we offer to you will be at our discretion and final. This offer does not cover any labour needed to rebuild or assemble the parts and is limited to 3 years from the date of purchase.

Not limited to the conditions below, all warranties are not covered / voided by:

  1. Lack of maintenance
  2. Water / chemical damage
  3. Repair, truing, tension adjustment on your own or at other places
  4. Under / over inflation of tyre pressures
  5. Using other brake pads other than our specified brake pads
  6. Roughness of hub bearings due to water / chemical damage
  7. Nipple breakages due to corrosion
  8. Normal wear and tear, abuse, and use other than for its original intent.
  9. Variation in colour tones for all parts.
  10. Poor installation of parts resulting in damages.
  11. Modifying including but not limited to adding and/or subtracting unapproved parts to the products. Examples of these includes puncture resistance strips, spoke typing etc for wheelsets.

Refund / Cancellation

We hope you will be satisfied with our range of products. If you do need to make a change of hub colours, rims or any other specifications after you have made payment, please contact us directly. Please note that we will not be able make further changes 24 hours after payment.

We will not be able to refund or cancel your order after we have capture your payment. However in the event that we are not able to produce your order due to circumstances like invalid stocks, we will contact you to discuss any possibilities for changes to the order or to perform a complete refund. 


All transactions made with Wheel Angel will be in accordance to the governing rule and law of Singapore. Any further disputes arising will be settled in a court of law in Singapore.


Wheel Angel is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of the customer's personal information and undertakes not to divulge any of the customers' personal information to any third party without the prior written consent of the customer. Customers' particulars are solely for the purposes of completing sales transactions or for other legitimate purposes.

In the event of warranty claims…

We encourage you to contact us directly should you have cause for warranty claims, crash replacements or if you have any other issue with the products you have purchased from us.


We hope you have enjoy browsing our website and Facebook as much as we have enjoy building better wheels and making new friends!