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Onyx Hubs

Onyx hubs offer a ride experience that is characterized by seamless power transfer and noiseless coasting.

Glide effortlessly through the peloton's slipstream, powered by the silent hum of your Onyx hubs. Experience instant power transfer to the road as you break free from the pack.



Onyx Racing Products utilizes sprag clutches for its rear bike hubs, providing instant engagement and silent operation. Sprag clutches offer a unique design where the sprag elements remain in contact with the driver and hub body, gliding with minimal friction until torque is applied. With their distinct shape, the hubs allow freewheeling in one direction only. As the rider pedals to induce torque, the sprags rock slightly to wedge between the hub and driver, resulting in infinite points of engagement and instantaneous power transfer. Unlike conventional ratchet mechanisms, Onyx hubs are nearly silent during freewheeling since there are no teeth or spring-engaged pawls involved.

The Onyx Vesper hub line and Classic hub series feature the Modular Freehub Unit (MFU) design. Unlike conventional freehub systems, MFU allows the drive and axle loads to work independently. The driver is supported by two oversized bearings in the hub shell, which also engage the sprag clutch. Meanwhile, the freehub body spins on a separate set of bearings and interfaces with the driver. This design provides longer bearing life for the freehub and improves the stiffness of the rear axle assembly. MFU also enables Onyx to adopt current and future Freehub body standards without having to replace the clutch or driver assemblies. 

The Onyx Hyperglide Alloy Freehub is a unique and innovative design. It incorporates steel inserts to prevent damage while being lightweight. Machined from 7075 aluminum alloy, the freehub utilizes steel pins to reinforce seven of the splines. With replaceable wear faces on the remaining slots, cassette alignment is achieved using the two key slots. The steel pins can be easily replaced by hand or with a set of pliers when they become worn out, making the freehub durable and long-lasting.

The Floating Axle design is incorporated in all Onyx rear hubs. This design enables drive forces to be separated from axle load during normal riding conditions. Consequently, this approach reduces drag when freewheeling and prolongs the bearing life of freehub bodies.