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Wheel Building Course Level 1 Open for Enrolment
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Wheel Angel Workshop

Wheel Building Workshop

 We have a workshop dedicated solely to wheel building and wheel servicing with an extensive range of tools & parts to get us ready anytime to build an excellent pair of wheels.

5 additional tools that makes your wheel builder different from others

Wheel Lacing Jig

1. Wheel Lacing Jig - Our wheel lacing jig simplifies the process of wheel assembly and reduces the risk of spoke-end scratches on the rims. It also centers the hub precisely within the circumference of the rim, enabling our experienced wheel builders to select the appropriate spoke lengths from the outset. While it is possible to lace wheels between our laps and a stool, our wheel lacing jig guarantees a more efficient and precise outcome.


Centrimaster ERD Measurement

2. Centrimaster ERD Measuring Gauge - To ensure that your wheelset is durableand long-lasting, it is crucial to use the correct spoke lengths. The Centrimaster ERD Measuring Gauge is specifically designed to calculate the Effective Rim Diameter (ERD) measurement, which is a vital factor in determining the appropriate spoke length. If the spoke length is too short, it may not penetrate the nipples sufficiently, resulting in a weak spot. Conversely, if the spoke length is too long, the excess length may exceed the end tip of the nipple, leaving inadequate spoke threads for further tightening to increase the spoke tensions. Our use of the Centrimaster ERD Measuring Gauge guarantees the accuracy of our spoke lengths and the longevity of your wheelset. 


 Kowa Spoke Cutter
3. Kowa Spoke Cutter
 - As its name implies, the Kowa Spoke Cutter is a high-end tool that enables us to cut spokes with exceptional precision. We maintain a wide stock of blank spokes, which we can expertly cut and thread-roll to the desired lengths. This meticulous process ensures that each spoke is finished neatly, resulting in a wheelset that is both long-lasting and reliable. Although this step may take longer, we believe that the investment in quality is well worth the effort, resulting in a superior wheelset that will elevate your riding experience.


Tension Calibration Tool


 4. Spoke Tension Calibrator - It is not uncommon for a wheel builder to own multiple expensive spoke tension meters, yet receive varying readings due to differing calibrations and factory standards. Additionally, transportation and usage may cause impacts and wear-and-tear on the tension meter, further affecting its accuracy. At our workshop, we use a spoke tension calibrator to regularly calibrate our spoke tension meters, ensuring consistent, accurate measurements and optimal quality in every wheelset we build. 



Wheel Stiffness Test Jig

 5. Wheel Stiffness Test Jig - Wheel stiffness is a highly subjective topic that has traditionally been based on individual experience and feel, making it difficult to quantify. To address this challenge, we have developed a specialized jig that tests the lateral stiffness of a wheelset by applying specific amounts of force to the edge of the complete wheelset. By measuring the deflection readings (the lower, the better), we gain a clear indication of the wheel's ability to withstand lateral flexing. This innovative tool allows us to provide objective, data-driven insights into wheelset performance, ensuring that our customers receive the highest quality products possible. 

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