Wheel Angel Workshop

Wheel Building Workshop

 We have a workshop dedicated solely to wheel building and servicing with an extensive range of tools & parts to get us ready anytime to build an excellent pair of wheels.

5 additional tools that makes your wheel builder different from others

Wheel Lacing Jig

1. Wheel Lacing Jig - While wheels can be laced between our laps and a stool, a wheel lacing jig makes the process easier and lessen the chance of spoke ends scratching the rims in the midst of putting the spokes into the nipples. It also centres the hub within the circumference of the rim allowing the more experience wheel builder to know that the correct spoke lengths are use during this early stage.

Centrimaster ERD Measurement

 2. Centrimaster ERD Measuring Gauge - ERD stands for Effective Rim Diameter and its measurement is used for calculating spoke lengths. The correct spoke lengths are essential for a long lasting wheelset. If the spoke lengths are too short, it may not penetrate the nipples enough leaving a void in the nipples resulting in a weak spot. If the spoke lengths are too long, it will exceed the end tip of the nipple and there may not be enough spoke threads for further tightening to increase the spoke tensions.

Kowa Spoke Cutter

3. Kowa Spoke Cutter - Among one of the most expensive tool and the name implies its function. With a spoke cutter, we are able to cut spokes to 0.5 millemeters accuracy. We now stock many blank spokes and ready to cut & thread roll them to our desired lengths. So that every spoke length ends nicely for a long lasting wheelset. While this step takes longer, a good wheel that results from this effort (& investment!) is worth it.

Tension Calibration Tool

4. Spoke Tension Calibrator - A wheel builder may have 5 different expensive spoke tension meters but they may all show different results due to different stages & types of calibration tools at the producing factories. Impacts & knocks on the tension meter from transportation or usage with wear and tear will affect the accuracy as well. The spoke tension calibrator in our workshop allows us to calibrate our spoke tension meters regularly for quality consistencies. 

Wheel Stiffness Test Jig

5. Wheel Stiffness Test Jig - Wheel stiffness has been a very subjective topic that are largely base on individuals' experience and feel to describe the effectiveness of power transfer. We made this jig to test the lateral stiffness of a wheelset by applying certain amounts of force on the edge of a complete wheelset. The deflection readings (less the better) will give an indication how much the wheel can withstand lateral flexing. 


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