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Wheel Building Course Level 1 Open for Enrolment
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Wheel Building Course Level 1 (2 Days Course)
Wheel Building Course Level 1 (2 Days Course)
Wheel Building Course Level 1 (2 Days Course)
Wheel Building Course Level 1 (2 Days Course)

Wheel Building Course Level 1 (2 Days Course)

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This is a beginner course for aspiring wheel builders and allows you to learn & build your bicycle wheels from scratch. Gain knowledge from us and understand the crucial aspects of a good bicycle wheel. Because no wheels are better than the ones you built for yourself. 

If you are a shop or home mechanic wanting to upgrade your skills, or a hobbyist who likes to fix your own bikes at home, this wheel building course is elaborate and qualifies you to embark on the next level of bike technical skills. 

During this course we also wish to share and unravel a few “mysteries” that are often asked or requested when customers buy a new pair of wheels from us. 

Some examples are “Can you tension my spokes further to make it stiffer?”, “Can I have less spokes on my wheels?” or “Can you make my wheels lighter?”. We will discuss what are the pros and cons to each of them. 

A high quality wheelset isn’t just about wheel building. We will also teach you ways to prepare your components before building so they are still serviceable in the years to come.  At the same time our theory lessons will also explain some of the reasons behind spoke breakages and methods to build a long lasting and durable wheelset. 

We have built and serviced different wheelsets with over a decade of experience. They consist of wheels for roadies, time trial bikes, MTB, tandems, Bromptons, Birdys & other foldie bikes.

Every good wheel builder goes through painful times of making mistakes in their jobs. We have gone through these dreadful times so that you don’t have to. This course shares our secrets and guides you systematically, so that you can bring this knowledge back home and improve on your own practice. 

Our class size will be kept concise to a limit of 2 participants during each lesson.

Attend this course and learn this skill for life. You will never look at your wheels the same way again.

Why should I attend?

Wheel building and its knowledge is a special skill and could be one of the final skill sets that you are seeking to achieve. Hence,

  • For the shop or home mechanic:

You can include wheel building as part of your service, accept wheels that need spoke replacement or truing service. At the same time, you will know how to give your customer the best advice when they are choosing their next wheelset from you. You can relieve yourself the burden of requesting help at the mercy of other bike shops when help is needed to service your wheels. It could mean a new stream of income for your business and elevate the status of your bike shop at the same time.

  • For the riders:

You may assemble your own bikes so why not take a step further and build your own wheels? Building your own wheelset enhances the quality of your ride and gains the satisfaction of being able to ride your own creation. Custom wheel builds are the best because you will be meticulous in every step of the wheel building process in contrast to mass produced factory wheels. You will be able to experiment with different wheel components and appreciate the quality of your own hand built wheels. 


Some basic bike mechanic skills will be helpful but no experience is required to attend this course. Lessons will be conducted in English. Participants can bring along a laptop, tablet or smartphone for writing material. 


Benefits for participants who has completed the course, 

  1. For after class support, you can gain access to an exclusive private Facebook group, where you may seek guidance and conduct discussion with regards to wheel building. 
  2. Book extra practice lessons with us 
  3. Buy wheel parts or tools from us at a discounted rate. (T&C applies)
  4. A Certificate of Completion by WA Academy for you to proudly display! 


2 days (Fri & Sat) - 8.30am to 5pm

Lunch Hour 11 to 12 pm with short tea breaks in between.

Course Fees: 

Check out website for latest prices

Modes of Training: 

Practical & Theory

Course Objectives: 

Participants will learn to build a bicycle wheel(s) and know the criteria for a pair of high quality wheelset. 

Course Conductor:

Andy Goh - Wheel Angel owner


2 students each class

Facilities & Equipment: 

Wheel Angel Workshop

Park Tool Truing Stand & Equipment

700c rims & components will be used for wheel building

Course Contents - Day 1, Theory & Practice

  • Introduction to terms & tools
  • Practice: Wheel Lacing
  • Practice: Wheel Building
  • Q&A

    Course Contents - Day 2, Theory 

  • Theory: Introduction to different types of rims, spokes, nipples and it’s usage
  • ERD & Spoke length calculation 
  • Spoke Tension 
  • Explaining the qualities of a wheelset involving, Lateral, Radial, Torsional Stiffness
  • Other types of lacing and how to determine whether to lace 0x,1x, 2x, 3x or more
  • Q&A

    Important to Read

    1. Please arrive at least 10 mins in advance. Lessons will commence on time and we will not be able to wait for any latecomers. 
    2. Non participants or participants who did not make full payment prior to the course date will not be granted admission. 
    3. All payments are strictly non-refundable including but not limited to, absence, cancellation and/or medical reasons. 
    4. We regret to inform you that we do not allow for rescheduling after payment. Please ensure your availability before committing to this course. However participants who are unable to attend, may transfer their slot to other interested participants after informing us. 
    5. Video recordings in the workshop are not permitted.
    6. Wheel Angel Singapore Pte Ltd may change, add, suspend, cancel, remove or otherwise modify the services offered for this course at any time without prior notice.

    Video recording is strictly not allowed. Participants may bring writing materials, laptop, tablet or smartphones to record notes. Photography will only be granted with permission from the conductor.

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