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Our Partners

Our riders often request referrals for other services such as bike fitting, bike servicing, purchase of parts & accessories among others. This page features some of our partners which we had introduced to many people over the years. They are our first choice when it comes to skills, knowledge, trust & reliability. 


Loue Bicycle Fit Lab

Bike fitting -  The Level 4 certification is awarded for the highest level of knowledge, understanding and application. Timothy is certainly one of the best in the world. 
Visit www.louebicycles.com



Cher Cycles Bike Servicing

Bike Servicing - for smooth running, longetivity & safety of your bike. Servicing of your bike is also important especially after many rides under wet conditions when combined with constant gritting of the roads where the accumulation of grime can be trapped in bearings, chains and brake pads. 

 Organized Bike Tours, Cycling Trips - for leisure or adventure ranging from single day trips to extended travels spanning a week or more. 
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Chapter 2 Cycle

Chapter 2 Cycle
One of the pioneers of modern bicycles, Chapter 2 Cycle has been operating for almost 2 decades. Ben the boss is one of the most experience man in this industry. Look for them for purchase & upgrades of bikes, components, accessories & wearables. 
Visit www.chapter2cycle.sg



 Sticker Diam

Sticker Diam 
If you need fancy WA logo on your wheels other than the ones we supply, Sticker Diam is our authorised designer and sticker maker for our logo. Hook them up to make your wheels stand out among the rest! 
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