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#SpeedCharge Your Chris King R45 Hubs

#SpeedCharge Your Chris King R45 Hubs

$98.00 SGD

Unleash the speed within your Chris King R45. If you own a pair of R45 or R45 Disc hubs you may not have realise its full potential. It may have started to feel draggy after some time or the engagement may suffer due to prolong usage without proper servicing. You can realise the lost of smoothness when your fellow mates are coasting faster (on cheaper hubs) than you while you are still working on the pedals.
We have the means to turn things around and make them better, perhaps even better than ever before. #speedcharge

Included in the package are: 

1. Full internal servicing for Front / Rear hub

2. Preload adjustments for Front / Rear hub