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THE T11  White Industries T11 Red

The T11 Is our non-disc light weight road hub set. These hub have been designed to be durable and easy to service. The freehub body is made out of titanium to give you a light weight freehub that is extremely reliable. It is also versatile, you can change drive trains from Shimano Hyper Glide, SRAM XDR, or Campy without re-dishing the wheel. The axles materials have been built with purpose, a lightweight aluminum front axle and the T11’s steel rear axle brings the perfect balance of weight and stiffness. Finally, the high low flange, this feature allows you to build with more even spoke tension allowing your wheel to be stronger. All of these characteristics are what makes the T11 an ideal choice for any non-disc road bike.


White Industries CLD Black

The CLD Is our light weight do anything disc hub. With a Shimano Center Lock disc rotor spline, we are able to use lower flanges making this hub 30 grams lighter than our six-bolt hub while still retaining the durability. The low profile design makes the CLD ideal for any road, gravel, or mountain bike. Fork compatibility isn’t a problem either as the CLD is compatible with most fork types with axles available in QR, 12mm or 15mm thru. At the core of this hub design is reliability and performance, the CLD will give you a lighter weight disc-hub option that you won’t have to worry about.

Made in the USA

Wheel Angel's Review

The White Industries hubs has been a benchmark setter for many wheelset companies, wheel builders and riders alike. The T11 followed later by the CLD and XMR offers many colours with a modern design from its predecessor models while keeping the internals mostly unchange. 

We started building wheelsets with these hubs and still continue to build a lot of them today. Customer service from White Industries themselves has been stellar with very frequent communications between us. We are glad to see their product range expanding and continue to set the standard of this industry's service and quality. 


  • Variety of colours option for wheel customising.
  • Nice engrave logo on every hub
  • Titanium freehub to resist cassette bites and pawls' seats enlargement
  • 48 points ratchet ring for quick engagement (Upgradeable from 24 points) 
  • Steel rear axle to resist bending and cantilevering 
  • Big bearings for high load capacity 
  • One of the forerunners for the owest drag hubs without ceramic bearings 
  • Easily serviceable without need for special tools
  • Use standard bearing sizes 
  • Available in different hole counts